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How to Find the Best Electricity Plan in Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest and most populous cities in all of Texas, and its beauty and diversity are second to none. Dallas also happens to be a city in Texas that has deregulated electricity, which means that you have the power to choose your own power provider. While this allows you the freedom to shop the market and find the best deals available, it’s slightly more complicated than that.

Because of how large and populous Dallas is, there are dozens of power companies offering hundreds of electricity plans. Researching each of these companies and going through these plans can take hours if not days. If you’re having trouble finding the best electricity plan, contact us at EnerGenie, and we’ll find your plan for you! First, though, let’s take a look at how electricity plans work in Dallas.

Dallas Electricity Plans and Prices

Dallas is home to more than 1.3 million people and several hundred thousand businesses. Each of these people and businesses require electricity, of which there is no shortage in Dallas. As a result, there are dozens of companies offering tons of different plans

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Commercial Electricity in Dallas

Aside from the standard residential electricity plans in Dallas, there are also a ton of commercial electricity plans. Dallas is home to over 240,000 small, medium, and large businesses, including 10 Fortune 500 companies. Each of these companies requires its own electricity plan.

Just as with residential electricity plans, business owners also have the power to choose their own plan and company. Luckily, EnerGenie offers commercial electricity plans as well as residential ones. Whether you’re a home or business, we will find the best rate and plan for you. At EnerGenie, we understand that you need to focus on your business and making sure that it runs smoothly. Our small contribution is that we’ll save you time and money by finding your electricity plan.

Electricity Companies in Dallas

Dallas encompasses nearly 400 square miles of land. As such, there are dozens of electricity companies that cover different parts of Dallas. This means that not all REPs are available in all parts of Dallas. Simply searching for electricity companies in Dallas doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find one that services your area.

EnerGenie uses your zip code to determine exactly which Dallas REPs are available in your area. Contact us to find out which companies are available to you and which one of them has the best electricity plan.

Here are some of the top REPs that serve the Dallas area.

  • Reliant Energy
  • TXU Energy
  • Cirro Energy
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Tri Eagle Energy
  • Just Energy
  • Constellation
  • Chariot Energy

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Types of Electricity Plans in Dallas

No matter what type of electricity plan you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that it’s available in Dallas. There are a number of different electricity plans and pricing structures to be on the lookout for. Catching these tricky things, such as promotional pricing, tiered pricing, and hidden fees is difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are some of the different types of electricity plans available in Dallas.

  • Fixed-rate plans

Fixed-rate electric plans are similar to fixed-rate mortgages on a house. The rate that you sign up for stays the same throughout the duration of the plan. If rates in the area go up or down yours will stay the same no matter what.

  • Variable-rate plans

Variable-rate plans are the opposite of fixed-rate plans. You might pay 10 cents/kWh one month and 15 cents the next month. These plans offer less stability than fixed-rate plans and are a bit of a gamble.

  • No deposit plans

Some electric companies require you to pay a deposit before you can sign up for their plans. However, some companies in the Dallas area will waive this deposit depending on your credit score.

How to Find the Best Electricity Plan in Dallas?

As you can see, Dallas is a massive city with over a dozen different electricity companies. Depending on where you live within the city, not all of the options are available to you. To make your life easier, contact us at EnerGenie and let us take care of your electricity plan for you. We use innovative technology and a series of algorithms to find the best deal for you based on your needs.

Whether you’re new to the area or tired of overpaying on your monthly bill, we can help. All you need to do is give us your zip code, answer a few questions about your energy usage, and we’ll take care of the rest. We save you hours of research and uncertainty upfront and big bucks down the road. We even take care of communication between you and your provider and manage your plan!

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