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Is Direct Energy the REP for Me?

Texas has over 150 different retail electric providers for homeowners to choose from. Direct Energy is one of these 150. They offer competitive rates and quality service to the millions of residents in Texas and around the United States. Unlike many REPs, Direct Energy serves areas outside Texas and even in Canada. If you’re in search of a new power company and thinking that Direct Energy might be for you, keep reading to find out.

Who is Direct Energy?

Direct Energy was founded in Toronto in 1986. The company has traded hands several times and has now become a subsidiary of NRG Energy. While the company started in Canada, it’s currently headquartered in Houston, Texas, and over a hundred other power companies. They provide electricity to over 4 million customers in the United States and Canada.

Most recently, Direct Energy was sold by Centrica to NRG Energy in 2021. Before that, Direct Energy made several acquisitions, including Panoramic Power in 2015. They also partnered with Nest Labs in 2014 to create the Nest thermostat, which is now the standard thermostat in smart homes. In parts of Texas, Direct Energy also operates under the names of CPL Retail Energy, CPL Business, WTU Retail Energy, WTU Business, and includes the brands of First Choice Power and Bounce Energy.

What Types of Plans Does Direct Energy Offer?

Let’s look at several of the different plans Direct Energy offers to its customers. Like most REPs in Texas, Direct Energy offers several different plans with multiple options for each type.

Prepaid Electricity Plan (Power-To-Go)

Prepaid electricity plans are where you pay at the beginning of the month for a set amount of electricity. If you happen to go over the limit, you can optionally purchase more electricity without losing power. If you don’t use it up, buy less electricity next month, so you don’t overpay.

Variable-Rate Plans

Variable-rate plans are where your electricity rate fluctuates from month to month. In January, you might pay 12 cents/kWh, but in February, you might pay 15 cents/kWh. The energy rate fluctuates according to the market value of electricity. Direct Energy currently offers one variable-rate plan at 14.9 cents/kWh for the first month.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Fixed-rate plans are the most popular plans in Texas. With fixed-rate plans, the rate you sign up at is the rate that you keep until the end of your contract. Direct Energy offers nine different fixed-rate plans with term lengths ranging from 12 months to 36 months. Each of these plans allows you to stick at the rate you sign up at, but they also have a variety of perks thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Most Popular Plans From Direct Energy

Live Brighter 24 Plus

The Live Brighter 24 Plus plan is a 24-month plan that’s also available on a 12-month term and is called the Live Brighter 12 Plus plan and an 18-month term as the Live Brighter 18 Plus. Each plan offers different rates, with the 24-month plan being 15.9 cents/kWh. You receive a $320 Amazon gift card when you sign up for this plan, and your rate is fixed at the price you sign up at for 24 months.

Twelve Hour Power 24 Plus

The Twelve Hour Power 24 Plus plan is currently the most popular plan offered by Direct Energy. The plan is priced at 15.9 cents/kWh and offers free electricity from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. The term length is 24 months, and as an extra bonus, you receive a $320 Amazon gift card when you sign up.

Free Power Weekends 24 Plus

The Free Power Weekends 24 Plus plan is the second-most popular plan offered by Direct Energy. It’s a 24-month fixed-rate plan, and the current rate is 16.5 cents/kWh when you sign up. As an added bonus, however, this plan offers free electricity on the weekends from Friday to Sunday. You also get a $320 Amazon gift card when you sign up.

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Is Direct Energy Available in My Area?

Direct Energy serves dozens of cities and areas throughout Texas. The best way to find out if Direct Energy is available in your area is to contact us at EnerGenie. If you input your zip code on our website, EnerGenie will use a series of algorithms to find out which companies and plans are available in your area.

What Sets Direct Energy Above the Rest?

Direct Energy is a company that’s been around for 35 years and has seen almost everything. They’re a massive company that serves over 4 million customers throughout North America. Many of their plans offer perks such as free nights, free weekends, gift cards, and other perks. They offer a variety of plans with enough flexibility to accommodate most budgets, homes, and businesses.

The one downside of Direct Energy is their customer service, which receives frequent complaints. However, when you contact us and sign up for your energy plan through EnerGenie, we take care of customer service for you. You get all the benefits offered by Direct Energy, including their experience, awesome plans, and reliable energy, but without the meager customer service.

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How to Get the Best Rates With Direct Energy?

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the way to get the best rates is to sign up through Direct Energy. However, EnerGenie might be able to get you a better rate than Direct Energy provides on their website. Additionally, EnerGenie will find out if Direct Energy is available in your area and what plans you qualify for. We will also handle the signup process as well as any ongoing renewals and customer service quandaries that come your way.

EnerGenie will find you the best rates and the best plan that Direct Energy has to offer. If there’s a better plan from another company that would be more beneficial to you, EnerGenie will find it. No matter who you sign up with, EnerGenie is the way to go.

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