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Is Gexa Energy Right for Me?

Thanks to deregulation in 2002, Texas is jam-packed with REPs, retail electric providers that are all competing to have the best electricity rates and plans in the state. Gexa Energy is one of these 120+ companies. Gexa is loved for its wide variety of plans, perks, and benefits, including its 100% green energy plans.

While Gexa has earned many loyal customers since its origins in 2001, they may not be right for you. They’re competing with over 100 other companies that also offer great rates and plans. Contact us at EnerGenie if you’re at your wit’s end with trying to pick the right electricity plan for your home or business. We can compare hundreds of plans in the blink of an eye and choose the best one for you.

Who is Gexa Energy?

Gexa Energy was founded in 2001, one year before deregulation officially hit Texas. Gexa is a subsidiary of the Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy. Since the company opened its doors in 2001, Gexa Energy has consistently been rated as one of the best REPs in Texas and has won the Distinction Award for Excellence eight times since 2011.

2019 was a turning point for Gexa Energy when they announced that all of their residential electricity plans would be powered by 100% green energy. They’re one of the only prominent power companies in Texas to do this, which gives them a competitive advantage among those who have a green thumb.

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What Types of Plans Does Gexa Energy Offer?

Gexa Energy specializes in residential electricity plans and offers a wide variety of them.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Gexa prides itself on offering some of the best fixed-rate plans in Texas. All of their fixed-rate plans are derived or credited to green energy, and all your proceeds go towards its production and research.

Simply Low 24

If you’re looking for a plan with one of the lowest rates in Texas, the Simply Low 24 is for you. If you use between 1,000 and 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, your rate is less than 10 cents. However, if you don’t use enough electricity or use too much, the rate doubles. For this reason, the Simply Low 24 isn’t for everyone, and it’s vital that you know how much power you use per month.

Gexa Energy Saver 36

For an electric plan with incredible perks, the Gexa Energy Saver 36 is the way to go. This plan comes with two smart thermostats, competitive pricing, and rates that don’t fluctuate very much. The Gexa Energy Saver 36 is one of Gexa’s most popular plans, and it lasts for three years.

Monthly Plans

Monthly plans from Gexa are low to no risk and highly flexible. If you’re not happy with your rate at the end of each month, you can opt into one of their fixed-rate plans or use EnerGenie to switch to a different company. Contact us if you’re ready to make the change to a long-term plan for you and your family.

Green Plans

Like we said before, all of Gexa Energy’s electricity plans are powered by green energy. Green energy refers to energy derived from renewable resources, primarily wind, and solar power. Green energy plans don’t work the way many Texans think, so here’s a quick explanation to avoid further confusion.

Your home’s electricity isn’t always operating on energy derived from wind and solar power. However, 100% of your monthly power bill proceeds go towards creating and researching renewable energy resources. So, while your actual electricity might be derived from fossil fuels or nuclear power, depending on where you live, your money is going towards green energy.

Is Gexa Energy Available in My Area?

Gexa is a major player in the energy market of Texas, and they’re available in most of the major cities and areas. Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Angelo, Corpus Christie, and dozens of other cities and counties in Texas offer Gexa Energy as an option.

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What's so Special About Gexa Energy?

The fact that all of Gexa’s electricity plans are generated or credited by renewable resources is outstanding. Anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and have excellent electricity in the process should consider Gexa Energy. Contact us if you fall into this boat or simply want a great electricity plan.

In addition to being eco-friendly, most of Gexa’s electricity plans come with added perks and benefits. Smart thermostats, updated outlets, efficient lighting, and more are all offered as part of their energy saver plans. Gexa also offers flat-rate energy plans where you pay the same electricity price every month regardless of usage, rooftop solar plans, and electric vehicle plans with discounts for charging your electric vehicle.

EnerGenie can help find the best electricity plan that Gexa offers in your area, from smart devices to massive savings.

How to Get the Best Rates With Gexa Energy

EnerGenie will help you find out if Gexa Energy is suitable for you. We help with the sign-up process from start to finish. We’ll even manage your electricity plan once you’ve signed up for it. Even if you have your heart set on Gexa Energy, EnerGenie might be able to find you a better rate when you sign up through us. Whether you’re shopping around or know that Gexa is the company for you, contact us for the best possible plan and rate.

EnerGenie is your personal electricity shopping assistant. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a cheap electricity rate locked in to avoid rate hikes by signing up through us. You’ll also never have to worry about falling onto a high variable electricity rate because we continuously monitor your account and the market to sign you up for another great rate when your contract is coming up for renewal.

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