How EnerGenie Works

EnerGenie unlocks the power of technology to find you cheap electricity plans, so you don’t have to make all the hard choices. With our intelligent platform, we find you the best plan based on your historical usage.

With Energenie, Save hours of your research time and get the best price on electricity.

MyEnerGenie Perfect Electricity Plan

Step 1

EnerGenie’s Intuitive Technology Chooses The Perfect Plan for You

No more thinking outside your comfort zone. EnerGenie’s smart algorithms look through an exhaustive list of electricity providers helping you select the best plan. It sifts and compares electricity plans in your area, based on your available historical usage.

  • Sign up and give us some basic information
  • Our internal algorithm sifts through hundreds of electricity plans offered by electricity providers near you
  • We compare these plans and match you with the right plan to save you the most money. We do all the math, so you no longer have to
  • We are your electricity concierge service

Step 2

EnerGenie Enrolls You in The Chosen Plan

Once we find your plan, the sign-up process is straightforward and quick. Our end-to-end solutions include:

  • Reaching out to the new electric company to complete the enrollment on your behalf
  • We set up automated payments for your plan
  • You are bought on to the new plan with zero disruption between electric service providers. If any issue or questions arise, we handle them for you
  • We manage communications, updates, and renewals
EnerGenie chooses the right electricity plan
Save on Electricity Bills with MyEnerGenie dot com

Step 3

Enjoy the Savings

Our energy concierge services are all underpinned by EnerGenie’s years of expertise and industry-leading knowledge. With our services, you’ll never have to spend valuable time searching for the best plan again.

  • We make sure your bill stays low
  • Our team monitors the Texan energy market for potential changes that may affect you
  • We protect your account from unfair rates and offer you an option to switch if a better plan for you comes along
  • We renew your account with a competitive plan when your account comes up for renewal
  • We are your one stop concierge service, if you need to move, make payment arrangements, or add another account, we have you covered