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Prepaid Electric Plans in Texas

Thanks to deregulated energy in Texas, there are hundreds of electric companies offering thousands of different service plans. With all the different options, it’s next to impossible to find the perfect one for you. One of the many different options that you have to choose between is prepaid plans. In this article, we will go into more detail about what prepaid plans are and some of their pros and cons. We’ll also find out how to choose the best prepaid plan in Texas with the help of EnerGenie.

What are Prepaid Electric Plans?

Prepaid plans are a type of electrical service plan where you buy electricity before you use it. Essentially, you decide how much electricity you’ll use in a month and pay for it at the beginning of each month. Not all REPs, or Retail Electric Providers, offer prepaid electric plans, but most do.

Prepaid service plans are great for people on a fixed income or a tight budget. These types of programs are similar to prepaid data plans for your phone or internet. You pay upfront for a set amount of data, and once you use it up, you’re either out of data or have to pay for more. With prepaid electric plans, instead of getting alerts that your bill is due, you receive warnings about how much electricity you have left on your plan.

If you start running low, you always have the option of buying more. Every company is different as far as if unused electricity carries over to the next month. So if you buy 1,000 kWh of electricity in October and only use 800 kWh, you might have an extra 200 kWh to use in November. Make sure that you read the fine print of your contract and check with your provider to know for sure.

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What Happens if I Run Out of Electricity on a Prepaid Plan?

Luckily, if you run out of electricity, you always have the option of purchasing more. If you’re signed up with a good power company, they will send you notifications when you’re close to using up all your allotted power. When that happens, you should immediately purchase more electricity, so you’re not stuck without power.

You should also keep in mind that depending on who your provider is, they might cut off your service without notice. While this is rare and inconvenient, it’s possible, and you should always know the terms of service for the company you’re signed up with. If you’re unhappy about the plan’s stipulations you have signed up for, there’s another option. Contact us at EnerGenie if you’re tired of your service plan and want to find a better one. Even if you go from one prepaid plan to another, EnerGenie will be able to find you the best one available.

How Much Electricity Should I Buy for a Prepaid Plan?

When purchasing your prepaid electricity plan, the most important thing to know is how much you should buy. To do that, you need to know how much you use on a monthly basis. Here’s how to find out.

  1. Go through your last six power statements.
  2. Find the spot on your statements where it says how many kWh’s you use per month.
  3. Add up the six statements and then divide that number by six.
  4. The number you end up with is the number of kilowatts of electricity you use per month.

When purchasing your prepaid plan, you should be aware of how your service plan works. If it’s easier to add more electricity if you use yours up, then it’s not a bad idea to purchase on the low side. If, however, your provider allows you to carry unused electricity over to the next month, it might be better to purchase more than you need.

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Electric Plan

Prepaid electric plans are great for some people, but they might not be for everyone. If you’re interested in finding the best plan for you and your family, Contact Us at EnerGenie, and we’ll be happy to help. Here are some pros and cons that could help you decide if a prepaid electric plan is right for you.

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  • Prepaid plans are perfect for people on a fixed income. It allows them to only pay for as much electricity as they can afford. After that, they’re cut off and must either purchase more or go without power for the rest of the month.
  • Because these plans are month-to-month, they’re very flexible, and you can usually cancel whenever your monthly allotment is used up.
  • Prepaid plans often don’t require credit checks or long-term contracts when you sign up for them.
  • Prepaid plans give you more power and control over your energy use and your expenses.


  • Not all power companies notify you when you’re running low on electricity. It might be up to you to monitor your energy use and purchase more electricity when necessary.
  • You must have access to a phone or computer to receive alerts and notifications about your energy use. You also need to be computer savvy to refill your service plan each month
  • Because not all REPs notify you when you’re running out of power, there’s a chance that you’ll be cut off without any notice
  • Because you’re paying for electricity before you use it, there’s a chance that you can get lower rates than with other plans.

How can I Find the Best Prepaid Electric Plan in Texas?

If you have your heart set on a prepaid electric plan in Texas, don’t blow your money by trying to find a plan on your own. With thousands of prepaid plans to choose from, it takes hours and hours to compare every plan and find the best one. EnerGenie can do the research and leg-work for you. We have a series of algorithms that are guaranteed to find the perfect prepaid plan for you. EnerGenie will even help to manage your plan and make sure that you’re never without power.

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