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This is an estimate only, actual savings may vary based on usage and market rate changes. Market Average Rate (MAR) is an average of electricity rates from TDSPs in Texas from dozens of providers from several websites. EnerGenie Average Rate (EAR) is a portion of the rates available from the same pool of electricity rates as the MAR included dynamically on custom calculations and criteria used by EnerGenie to select the cheapest electricity rates for our customers.


EnerGenie Magic Explained

EnerGenie diligently works behind the scenes to bring our customers value. While you sign up then kick back to relax, our technology analyzes the market and your usage constantly. It’s a lot of work, but somebody’s got to do it.

Shopping Assistant

We analyze market electricity rates and your usage to pair you with the best electricity rate to save you the most money.

Smart Start Shop

We rely heavily on your requested start date, but when we have the opportunity, our system helps us find the best date to switch your service. Sometimes even a day can make a difference. EnerGenie also starts shopping for renewals early.

Avoid Rate Hikes

Many customers forget to renew their electricity plan, then experience dramatic increases in their electricity rate. EnerGenie solves that by making sure you don’t fall into a costly variable electricity rate.

Avoid Gimmicks

If an electricity rate seems too good to be true, it probably is. EnerGenie knows the market, reads the fine print, and steers clear of electricity rates promising one rate only be much higher. No more bill shock with EnerGenie as your Personal Electricity Shopping Assistant

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