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Who Provides Electricity in My Area?

Thanks to deregulation in 2002, Texas residents in over 85% of the state have the power to choose their own electricity plan and company. Deregulation in the early 2000s led to the founding of dozens of electricity companies known as retail electric providers. Now, there are over 150 REPs in Texas and many of them are available throughout the state.

Deregulation, while leading to cheaper and better electricity, has also made it next to impossible to find out who provides electricity in my area or your area. With so many REPs and many different cities, counties, and municipalities throughout the state, knowing which companies service your area is extremely difficult unless you contact us at EnerGenie and let us help.

Which REPs Provide Electricity in My Area?

REPs are the electricity companies that buy and sell electricity to residential and commercial properties in Texas. While they aren’t responsible for creating electricity, they have deals with various power generating plants to purchase electricity at wholesale price and sell it to you for a retail one.

Because there are so many REPs throughout the state, not all of them are available in all areas. This can be very inconvenient if you’re researching who provides electricity in my area online and find a bunch of companies that aren’t even available to you. Even once you figure out what all your options are, it can take hours or even days to compare all of them and find the best company and plan for you.

If you’re in the market for a new electricity plan and need to know who provides electricity in your area, contact us at EnerGenie. Not only will we be able to find out which companies are available to you, but we’ll also find the best plan to serve your needs. Everyone is different which means that electricity plans are never one size fits all. EnerGenie takes this into account and personalizes their energy search to you.

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Which TDU Provides Electricity in My Area?

While there are over 150 different REPs in Texas, there are only five TDUs. TDUs are the electricity companies that manage and maintain the powerlines, poles, cables, and meters that take electricity from your REP to your home or business. Each of these five TDUs work in different parts of Texas and serves different areas.

You don’t have to worry about choosing your own TDU because it’s pre-determined by your REP. However, while you can’t choose your TDU, it’s still good to know which one is servicing your area so that you can contact them with any questions or concerns you have. The best way to find out which TDU provides electricity to your area is to check your monthly power bill as it should say on there. You can also contact us at EnerGenie if you have a plan with us and we’ll be able to find out for you. We’ll even handle communications with them whenever possible!

Are All the Companies Who Provide Electricity in My Area the Same?

Because all of the REPs in Texas are competing for an edge and looking for advantages, no two companies are exactly the same.

Different Prices

One of the biggest differences you’ll see between companies is in their pricing. Energy prices are determined by how much it cost the REP to buy the electricity and how much it cost for your TDU to deliver it to your home. A big part of your monthly power bill goes towards paying these two entities for their services.

Different Energy Sources

Another major difference between electricity companies is in where they got their electricity from. While a bulk of electricity in Texas comes from coal and natural gas, we’re also a national leader in converting renewable resources to electricity. If you’re looking for a solar or wind power electricity plan, there are only certain companies that offer them.

Different Perks and Benefits

As a result of the stiff competition, REPs have discovered that offering perks and benefits is a great way to get people to sign up with them. Some companies offer free nights and weekends, smart thermostats, smart home devices, and even discounted electricity bills to entice you. Other companies offer tiered rates that are designed to make electricity cheaper based on how much you use.

However, unless you’re a math wizard, it’s tough to know if the extra perks and benefits will make an electricity plan worthwhile. EnerGenie can take every aspect of a plan into consideration and compare hundreds of plans in minutes.

Different Types of Plans

Different companies also offer various types of electricity plans including prepaid, fixed-rate, flat fee, variable-rate, and business plans. It’s important to know how much electricity you use and what type of property you own when signing up for an electricity plan.

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How do I Get Electric Service in Texas?

Whether you’ve just moved to Texas, moved to a new part of Texas, or want to change electric plans, you’ll have to jump through the same hoops. The only way to get electric service in Texas is to sign up for an electricity plan with a REP. They will then work with the local TDU to make sure that electricity gets to your home.

As you now know, however, there are 150+ REPs in Texas and many of them will be available in your area. Going through each company and the various plans they offer will take hours or even days to do. Even once you’ve settled in on who you think the best company is for you, there’s no guarantee that you’re right!

How Do I Find Out Who Provides Electricity in My Area?

If you’re in the above situation and are at your wit’s end with choosing an electricity plan, EnerGenie is here to help. All we need is your zip code, and some personal information about your energy usage, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can find all the power companies in your area, as well as all the plans you qualify for, and choose the best one for you. EnerGenie can do in a matter of minutes what would take you hours or days. Contact us if you’re ready to start saving money on your electricity bills!

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